The FISE 2024 program

Subject to change
Qualification UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Men
09h50 – 18h10
Qualification WDSF Breaking B-Boys & B-Girls
10h00 – 18h00
Qualification World Skate Scootering Street Pro Tour Men
11h15 – 17h35
Qualification World Skate Roller Freestyle Park World Cup Women
15h50 – 16h30
Qualification World Skate Roller Freestyle Park World Cup Men
17h15 – 20h30
Qualification UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Women
12h20 – 14h50
Qualification Skateboard Street Pro Men
13h30 – 15h15
Finale World Skate Scootering Street Pro Tour Women
15h45 – 17h15
Finale World Skate Roller Freestyle Park World Cup Women
17h00 – 17h45
Qualification Trottinette Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro
17h30 – 22h00
Finale WDSF Breaking B-Boys & B-Girls 🔴
18h45 – 20h30
Demi Finale World Skate Roller Freestyle Park World Cup Men
19h00 – 20h30
Demi Finale UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Men 🔴
11h30 – 14h00
Qualification World Skate Scootering Park Pro Tour Men
10h55 – 16h10
Qualification FIG Parkour Freestyle World Cup Men
14h30 – 19h00
Finale Skateboard Street Pro Men 🔴
15h00 – 16h30
Qualification BMX Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro
16h25 – 20h45
Finale Skateboard Street Pro Women
17h00 – 18h30
Demi Finale UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Women
18h00 – 20h30
Qualification Basket 3x3 Pro Men & Women
13h30 – 16h30
Finale World Skate Roller Freestyle Park World Cup Men 🔴
19h00 – 20h30
Finale Trottinette Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro 🔴
21h30 – 22h50
Finale UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Men 🔴
15h10 – 16h40
Final Basket 3x3 Pro Pro Men & Women
15h00 – 18h00
Finale FIG Parkour Freestyle World Cup Men
17h45 – 18h15
Finale UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Women 🔴
17h50 – 19h20
Demi Finale UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Men
18h00 – 19h30
Finale FIG Parkour Speed World Cup Women
18h30 – 18h45
Demi Finale World Skate Scootering Park Pro Tour Men
19h00 - 20h30
“Lez’Battle” Skateboard
19h00 – 20h30
Finale Roller Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro
19h15 – 20h00
Finale BMX Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro 🔴
21h15 – 23h00
Finale BMX Street Pro Men 🔴
12h30 – 14h00
Finale World Skate Scootering Park Pro Tour Men 🔴
15h00 – 16h15
Finale UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Women
15h40 – 16h30
Finale FIG Parkour Freestyle World Cup Women
15h45 – 16h15
Best Trick BMX Freestyle Park
15h50 – 16h45
Best Trick Trottinette Freestyle Park
16h15 – 17h15
Finale FIG Parkour Speed World Cup Men
16h30 – 16h45
Finale UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Men 🔴
17h40 – 19h00


Le FISE Montpellier construit depuis près de 30 ans sur une proximité avec ses spectateurs.

Entre les riders, l’équipe d’organisation, les DJs, les speakers, les juges, les participants et les partenaires, c’est une véritable communauté qui se rassemble pour vivre les expériences épiques du FISE.

Bien que les compétitions soient toujours les temps forts de l’événement, les spectateurs profitent également de nombreuses activités qui participent à leur immersion dans le festival.


New for this FISE 2024, the Family Park zone at FISE Montpellier is specially dedicated to the entertainment of younger riders, with a maximum of activities offered by Alpe d’Huez and Les Deux Alpes. They will be able to take part in initiations throughout the week, including the Kids Rider Cup powered by FISE.

The FISE Kids Rider Cup is the meeting place for the youngest FISE riders, children aged 2 to 5. From Wednesday to Friday, Kids Rider Bike, a pioneer of the sport in Europe, will be on hand to welcome them on a track specially designed for the draisienne, having introduced the sport to kids in over 530 towns and 9 countries. On Saturday and Sunday, it’s time to meet the kids, who will leave with a personalized nameplate and a bag containing a snack, a Kookabarra drink and goodies.


This year, a new sports area opens its doors at FISE Montpellier, not to host competitions but to give free rein to riders.

Professionals and amateurs alike will be able to enjoy the Shred Zone every day, open to all riders during free access times, allowing enthusiasts to come and practice or challenge themselves alongside the competitions.


Alongside the official competitions, the program continues to offer riders the chance to take part in various BMX, Skateboard, Scooter and Roller Contests. These bring together all categories of riders to challenge each other, with the only prizes at stake being money or prizes from partners. For the younger riders, it’s an exceptional opportunity to challenge the more experienced.



This year, ART & FISE makes a comeback, with the added bonus of the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad label, an official deliverable of the IOC, celebrating the richness and diversity of France’s artistic heritage and creation.

The program includes a graffiti, pencil and upcycling workshop, where festival-goers can customize objects such as caps, broken skateboards or any other material they’d like to personalize. Another activity on the program: the creation of giant collaborative frescoes by professional artists in the Family Park Zone and the Roller/Trott Zone. As well as admiring these works, festival-goers will be able to participate in their creation and learn about graffiti.


An annual highlight of the urban sports scene and a real springboard for many athletes, FISE Montpellier is also an opportunity for the more curious to try out the disciplines on offer free of charge during sessions supervised by professionals. Equipment and safety gear are provided for professionally supervised introductory sessions.

Parkour initiations

Come and try your hand at Parkour! 🏃‍♀️
Go to the BMX & Initiation zone with the WildRunn association or to the Parkour Zone to try it out with the FIG 😉


Smile, you’re being filmed! Festival-goers are the very essence of FISE, and to put them in the spotlight, the Crédit Agricole Languedoc Roussillon FISE Cam makes its appearance to capture the public’s best moments. Present at the BMX Freestyle Park, it will be active every day, but only for ten minutes or so during each session…

FISE Explorer Challenge

In partnership with FISE Business School students, the FISE Explorer Challenge invites you to immerse yourself in the heart of FISE Montpellier through 6 fun challenges. From graffiti to balancing on a slackline, a bit of mechanics on a skateboard, a life-size “Where’s Charlie”… And above all, exclusive gifts!

G-BOX / music box by G-SHOCK

Exclusivité 2024, G-SHOCK, la marque de montres ultra-résistantes préférée des riders, lance une nouveauté musicale pour intégrer les festivaliers au cœur de la culture urbaine : la G-SHOCK Music Box.

Ces rendez-vous quotidiens, du 9 au 11 mai, rythmeront la semaine du côté de la Spine ramp et du Basket 3×3 avec au programme des animations sportives et des DJs pour électriser la foule. En plus de ce concept musical inédit, des animations quotidiennes seront proposées comme la G-SHOCK Street Basketball Arcade et la G-SHOCK machine à pince !



Vehicle on elevated platform: JUKE installed on elevated platform on the Roller/Trott Park!

Come along to the Nissan stand to try out their various animations! On the program every day: Photo Booth, Batak (test your reflexes with this speed game and try to win a prize at the end of the day by achieving the highest score), 2 vehicles on display including a carpool karaoke in a car, 4pm-5pm every day with a street art artist who will come and personalize a skateboard (1 skate/day) live in the stand in the Nissan universe 😎

Instax x Fujifilm

Signing sessions with riders, have your photo taken by one of the hostesses walking around the festival (recognizable by their necklaces) and take part in workshops 😉

Photo Ciné Comédie


Are you a professional or amateur photographer/videographer who loves extreme sports? On the occasion of the FISE, Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, which will take place in Montpellier from May 8 to 12, 2024, PHOTO CINE COMEDIE is organizing photo and video workshops in partnership with leading brands on 09/05, 10/05 and 11/05, as well as a special day on 08/05 to demonstrate, configure and get to grips with DJI products.
Registration 👉 BOOK NOW !(the 5-day pass is included in the price of the workshops!)

All-day activities


Come spin the wheel to win surprises by Lydia 👀
📍 Family Park Zone

Riser du 34:

Come and have fun in bubbles on the water 💧
📍 Bike Life zone


Come test electric skis on the road with Skwheel ⛷
📍 Zone Roller – Trott Haut

Banana Therapy:

Banana Therapy offers massages, Chinese medicine and more! (free price)
📍 Shred Zone

from 179€/DAY

The 5-day Pass
+ Access to the VIP Patio
+ 1-day access to all grandstands
+ Parking
+ Welcome pack



FROM 18€

The 5-day Pass
+ A seat in the grandstand for 1 day in the sports area of your choice



5-day access for the entire FISE Montpellier 2024 festival

Excluding grandstands, parking, VIP Patio