A look back at some of LE FISE 's highlights

A look back at some of BMX events

UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup Men
Flatland BMX delivers a powerful ending at FISE

The BMX Flat finals at FISE 2024 were nothing short of emotional. This year’s closing day was particularly special, with the final competition taking place on the BMX Flat area. The Japanese riders, known for their dominance in flatland BMX, showcased their exceptional talents, leaving the audience in awe. Yu Katagiri, a rear-wheel specialist with a feline style, secured third place despite making several mistakes due to the high risks he took during his technically impressive run.

It was a bittersweet moment as Matthias Dandois, the child prodigy of French BMX, performed his last run at FISE. Announcing this as his final FISE, Dandois delivered a flawless and imaginative performance, securing second place. However, it was Japan’s Yu Shoji who claimed the top spot once again, following his victory in 2023. Shoji’s energetic and dynamic riding, combined with his outstanding technique, allowed him to overcome a minor slip-up and win the competition. His back-to-back victories have set the stage for an anticipated hat-trick attempt next year.

As we bid farewell to this memorable event, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us along the banks of the Lez. Your support over the years has been invaluable, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. A very big, very sincere THANK YOU!

UCI BMX Freestyle Park
Laury Perez & Anthony JeanJean win at home

Anthony Jeanjean, the local boy and crowd favorite, wins hands down, boosted by a crowd that cheers him on to the point of goosebumps, such is the intensity of the moment.
His run was simply perfect, completely mastered, with a 360 downside whip followed by a 720 on the step down, but also a 360 triple whip and a very clean double back, to conclude with a disconcertingly easy 540 flair. A fine passage in the fight for the UCI World Champion title, for the man who is currently 3rd in the world! Australia’s Brandon Loupos, 2019 World Champion, and England’s Declan Brooks completed the podium in 2nd and 3rd places.

In the women’s category, after a timid start to the season in Hiroshima, Laury Perez dominated the entire competition and the many foreign athletes who had made the trip to Montpellier FISE for this 2nd World Cup stage, with a magnificent score of 94.00 points.
Thanks to an extremely solid first run, including a huge truck driver on the step-up, she took the top step of the podium, and incidentally her first victory at FISE Montpellier.

In 2nd place, just 1 point behind Laury Perez, was 14-year-old Miharu Ozawa from Japan. Sasha Pardoe (GB) takes 3rd place with a clean backflip and a perfectly executed tundown!

Pat Casey BMX Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro Men
Party time on the Spine Ramp

Our MC Thomas Debatisse on the mic to warm up the crowd, and 16 riders qualified for this final round in a simple format: two runs of 45 seconds each, with the best counting. A true rockstar of the bike, Jack Clark (5th) puts on a show for us, spinning in both directions and often with his head upside down, a show that continues even after the final buzzer.

In fourth place, it’s the new German head, Dean Florian, who pulls out all the stops with an ultra-tech tailwhip to footjam whip, very committed in the middle of the run!

On the third step of the podium, we find a FISE regular, both in Montpellier and on the other world stages: Irek Rizaev rides hard, very hard, and thus secures a nice podium after having missed the finals on the Park. Making a strong return to FISE after several years’ absence, Jack Watts delivered a clean, powerful run right to the end, after attacking hostilities directly with a 360 double whip bar on the spine, followed by a huge flair on the curve. He validates second place!

The big winner of these finals was Australian Brandon Loupos, who returned from injury with a great deal of desire and determination. He performed a super-high flair whip, then the same one in oppo, but also a decade on the spine, and an incredible sequence between a flair 540 and a backflip to fakie to finish: the ideal recipe to win the hearts of the public and the judges!

BMX Street Pro Men
Incredible BMX Street finals!

The whole competition was a feast of different styles and technique.

In the end, it was first qualifier Jordan Godwin who walked away with the top prize. His runs were good, but his tricks were exceptional.

In second place, Felix Prangenburg, with his second run, scored a huge 91.66 points which he backed up with a great performance in the best tricks.

In third place, street legend and superstar DJ Reed Stark brought so much speed and power to his runs, his unique and stylish way, added to this an incredible performance in the best trick and brought him a well-deserved bronze medal.

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Grand slam for Julien Cudot in Rollerblading!

South Korean Kim Youngwoong, at 15 years of age, took 8th place, ahead of Japanese prodigy Haruhi Shimizu, who at just 13 years of age is a credit to his mentor, green legend Takeshi Yasutoko.

It’s a safe bet that the FISE crowd will be watching them make their way to the podium over the next few years 😉

But if there’s one name to remember from this 2024 edition it’s Julien Cudot. He took the start of 3 rollerblading competitions in just 24 hours. Not only did he win the World Skate Cup in Freestyle Park, he also won the Street Park and Spine Ramp events đŸ”„
At 31, he crushes the competition 😎

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French winners of the International Breaking Battle by Samsung

For the B-Boys, the grand final of this first edition of the International Breaking Battle saw B-Boy Killian face off against B-Boy Dany Dann, both members of the French Breaking team.
In the end, it was B-Boy Dany Dann who prevailed thanks to a technical and musical performance as big as his smile!
He’s the only French athlete officially qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games at the moment.
In third place it’s B-Boy Mighty Jimm who takes the podium after a final battle against young Nantes-based B-Boy Ceebri.

As for the B-Girls, a French final pitted B-Girl Carlota against B-Girl Kimie, the latter winning this final battle thanks to her precise and powerful technique, both in her footwork and in her top rock, combining musicality, attitude and impacting power moves. In third place, Italian B-Girl Alessandrina took the podium in the small final against B-Girl Sarah Bee.

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World Skate Scootering Pro Tour Park
Estéban Clot's victory

Ten qualified riders take turns for two runs of 45 seconds each, with the best run determining their final score.
Britain’s Calum Connor, the last qualifier, opened with an impressive run, landing a huge transfer and spectacular tricks such as a cashroll and a cashroll 720, scoring 91.44.

His compatriot Jayden Sharman, after a fall in the first run, made up for it with a spectacular second run, including a triple whip backflip and a double flair, taking second place.

However, it was local boy Estéban Clot who created the surprise.
Little noticed in the qualifiers, he produced a flawless run with a transfer over the rainbow, a cashroll on the step down, an alley oop flair with barspin and a downside heelflip, finishing with a double flair.
His performance earned him his first home victory, rewarding his steady progress and confirming his status as one of the discipline’s rising stars.

Scooter Freestyle Spine Ramp Pro
Scooters and a wild night on the Spine Ramp

French riders shone, including Estéban Clot, who qualified in third place, and the Montpellier brothers Fantin and Timon Pharabod.
Despite their impressive efforts, they failed to reach the podium this time, but the audience appreciated their quality performance.

In third place, Corby’s Calum Connor impressed with a sensational second run, punctuated by a cashroll on the spine.
Jordan Clark, also from England, took second place thanks to his fastplant frontflip and a double flair, scoring 89.66 points.

Victory went to Denmark’s Hjalte Hansen, whose powerful, fast run, marked by a drop backflip, a double flair and a hyper-technical triple whip flair, enabled him to top the competition by more than two points. Hansen celebrated his victory with the audience, marking a memorable evening.

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Skateboard Street Pro Men
High-level finals

What an incredible atmosphere for the men’s Skateboard Street Pro final in Montpellier!
A massive, festive crowd gathered on both sides of the River Lez to cheer on skateboarders from all over the world.

The competition format consists of two 50-second runs, followed by five attempts at the two biggest tricks.

Peru’s Angelo Caro stood out with a switch noseslide heelflip out, but failed in the best tricks phase, finishing in 6th place.

Argentina’s Matias Dell Olio took third place with a bigger flip boardslide to fakie and a switch noseslide heelflip out.

The crowd favorite, France’s Max Berguin, took second place after an excellent second run and impressive tricks such as a nosegrind heelflip out.

However, it was Ivan Monteiro who took first place with an impeccable run and a spectacular 360 flip noseslide 360 shove it on the ledge, triggering enthusiasm from the crowd.